1. Registry administrator

Finnamyl Oy
Perunakatu 1, 32800 KOKEMÄKI
Tel. +358 20 721 5800
e-mail: tilaus@finnamyl.fi 

2. Name of the registry 

Finnamyl feedback register 

3. The reason for processing personal data

Registry consists of customer feedback data and it is used only to reply the feedback. The registry data will not be disclosed to third parties. 

4. The data content of the registry

The registry can contain any of the following information:
- name
- phone number
- e-mail address 

5. Regular sources of information 

Registry is compiled from the feedback received via Finnamyl.fi-site feedback form. Personal data of the users of the site is not collected. 

6. Regular data hand over

Registry administrator will not hand over any collected data to third parties

7. The retention time 

The data will be stored in the registry until the registered requests deleting them

8. Deleting data 

All data will be deleted when the registered requests it. All messages sent to feedback provider include instructions how to request data deleting.

9. Storing data

Feedback data is kept confidential. The computer network and hardware where the data is located is protected by firewall and other necessary technical measures. The person processing personal data is responsible for the maintenance of the data processing, protection, security and retention of data as well as the implementation of the right to inspection.